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FAQ - Grab Redemption Guide


How do I redeem CamelBak Products with my Grab Rewards?

Please find the following guide :

1. For the redemption code, it comes in 2 parts - front and back

   It is split by the " " in the code. Please omit the " " in the redemption.

   The first 9 alphanumeric digits is the front portion for the Main Item.

   The last 9 alphanumeric digits is the back portion for Free Shipping ( In-House Delivery)

2. With "CB1234567_FS1234567" as an example,

   Input Front Portion : CB1234567

   Input Back Portion : FS1234567

3. Please kindly input the 2 codes individually under the "Apply a coupon" and check out.


Please email us at info@camelbak.sg if you encounter any issue.