Keeping Children Hydrated – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Hydration is a key element to overall health and wellness but with children this is especially true, as kids are at greater risk for dehydration. By the time kids actually feel thirsty, their bodies are already dehydrated. While kids aren’t always vocal about needing water (because they are busy being kids!), having convenient access to water makes hydration efforts that much easier.

From curtailing that afternoon energy crash to ensuring a more even mood throughout the day, water intake can drastically improve functioning and overall wellness. Water also improves digestion, helps with cognitive capabilities and aids in maintaining a healthy weight.

How much water should your child be drinking? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids drink 6 glasses of water on a normal day. If their day is more active, increase their water intake.

Looking for a few simple steps on how to make daily hydration a habit for kids? See CamelBak’s helpful hydration tips below:


Top Choice

Making water your baseline go-to for the entire family is an easy way to start incorporating hydration into their daily routine. Whether with snacks, full meals or throughout the day, always have water as your child’s first option.


Kid Friendly Hydration Gear

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Colorful kids water bottles in fun and animated designs? Yes, please!

Water bottles made just for kids make hydration more fun for everyone. Explore bottles in cool designs and featuring all the bold pops of color kids love – along with the solid durability (to withstand the multiple drops and spills!) and functionality they need in a water bottle.


Mix it Up

If plain water is too bland for your little one’s taste buds, shake things up by adding slices of their favorite fruit. You can even get them in on all the action by letting them select their favorite fruits to add. Sliced strawberries, oranges, fresh cucumber and even mint can add a much needed fun and flavorful spin on traditional water. 

Easy Access

From their nightstand and gym bag, to their school backpacks and in your car, having easily accessible drinking water in the places you use most makes hydration a constant, rather than an afterthought.

When shopping for hydration gear, stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles make a great addition to any wellness routine. Featuring double walled construction, stainless steel water bottles are designed to retain the temperature of whatever you’re drinking – keeping your cold drinks cold and your drinks hot for hours. BPA free plastic water bottles are another popular option when looking for easy-to-clean and lightweight hydration gear.

From school and sports, to playdates, hydration can be an easy thing to incorporate into your children’s health and wellness outine with so many bottle styles, designs and size options available. Make hydration fun and easy – with water bottles and hydration gear for all of life’s adventures!  




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